Options window which can also be named settings is the window where you can personalize your options for all of mRemoteNG. This includes how to set logging, credentials and so on. Continue reading for the details of the different options here.


Options below are for the various settings for Startup/Exit of mRemoteNG.

Option Default Description
Reconnect to previously opened sessions on startup Off This option will allow you to open the connection from which you where connected to after last exit of application
Allow only a single instance of the application (mRemoteNG restart required) Off Enforces and makes sure only a single instance of mRemoteNG is running on the computer


Various options for mRemoteNG appearance.

Option Default Description
Language (Automatically Detect) Which language to use for the interface of mRemoteNG
Show description tooltips in connection tree Off Holding mouse over a item in connection tree will show a popout from mouse with information
Show full connections file path in window title Off Adds the complete path to the title of mRemoteNG to where the connection file is located
Always show notification area icon Off Adds mRemoteNG to the taskbar in the OS
Minimize to notification area Off Will place mRemoteNG in taskbar on minimize

Tabs & Panels

Various settings for how tabs & panels should work in mRemoteNG.

Option Default Description
Always show panel tabs Off Will always show the tabs & panels in mRemoteNG
Open new tab to the right of the currently selected tab On When active then open next tab on the right of the active selection in mRemoteNG. Turn this off and next tab will open the next connection at the end of all tabs
Show logon information on tab names Off Show your login in the connection tab
Show protocols on tab names Off When active then in the tab show what protocol is used for the connection
Identify quick connect tabs by adding the prefix “Quick:” Off When active shows Quick: before the connection name in the tab connection to easier identify what is a quick connection and what is a non quick connection
Double click on tab closes it On When double clicking a tab it will close the connection but does not log you out from the server. The connection in this case is active on the destination server
Always show panel selection dialog when opening connections Off Option to allow you to always select what panel to place the connection on. If this is off it will create a General panel where the connection is placed or use the connections set panel from the connection options
Create a empty panel when mRemoteNG starts Off On startup if this is active mRemoteNG will create a panel mentioned under Panel Name


Option Default Description
Single click on connections opens it Off In connection tree when this is active will try to connect on single click. By default this is turned off to use double click to open connection.
Single click on opened connection in Connection Tree switches to the opened Connection Tab Off Allows you to single click on a active connection in the connection tree to go to that open connection in the tabs faster.
Set hostname like display name when creating or renaming connections Off Will make mRemoteNG try to use the remote host hostname to set the title of the tab in mRemoteNG.
Filter search matches in connection tree Off Allows you to filter out the connections to which does not match your filter search in the connection tree. If not active the search will only select the filter to which you do search.
RDP Reconnect count 5 Value in seconds
RDP Connection Timeout 20 Value in seconds
Auto save time in minutes (0 means disabled) 0 Value in minutes
When closing connections Warn me… … when any connection closes

Various options of how mRemoteNG should act when you close connections. The different options are listed below:

- ... when any connection closes
- ... when closing multiple connections
- ... only when exiting mRemoteNG
- ... never
By default a warning will come up on closing a connection. Change this value based on your prefered settings.
Connection Backup Frequency On Edit

Various options of when mRemoteNG should create a backup of the connections file. The different options are listed below:

- Never backup connections
- On Edit
- On Exit
- Daily
- Weekly
By default a backup will be saved every time the connections are edited. Change this value based on your prefered settings.
Maximum number of backups 10 Number of backup copies of the connection file to keep.
Location of backup files (blank) Full path of backup copies of the connection files.


Options for credentials in mRemoteNG. The main purpose here is that when you have empty username, password or domain field then use below information.

Option Default Description
None On Use no specific settings on login
My Current credentials (Windows logon information) Off This option will use the logon information for the OS. This is useful if you are in a domain that uses specific credentials and want to login to servers with those credentials
The following Off Use one or two of the options below for the empty login or all of them. For example if you have a different domain that you login to the servers with

SQL Server


To understand more about SQL Server connection please see here: SQL Configuration

Option Default Description
Use SQL Server to load & save connections Off Enable to fetch connections from a database.


Options for how mRemoteNG should check for updates from the website.

Option Default Description
Check for updates at startup On (Every 14 days) Here you can choose how often mRemoteNG checks for updates. Standard is every 14 days
Release Channel Stable The main channel to use for mRemoteNG. Note that the channels are described under the selection. Stable is suggested for normal usage but its always good to get feedback on upcoming releases
Use a proxy server to connect Off Proxy to connect through to check for updates. This is not a proxy connection for when you connect to a server but more to check for updates


This is not enabled by default but can be used inside mRemoteNG. To enable themes you have to first enable it in the checkbox at the bottom of the options. Then restart mRemoteNG in order for it to work.


Default theme is: vs2015light


To know more about themes and how to create your own See Here


Option Default Description
Automatically get session information Off  
Automatically try to reconnect when disconnected from server (RDP & ICA only) Off  
Use UTF8 encoding for RDP “Load Balance info” property Off  
Use custom PuTTY path Off  
To configure PuTTY sessions click this button Launch PuTTY Will launch the putty agent so you can edit the sessions
Maximum PuTTY and integrated external tools wait time 2 seconds