Default Connection Properties

Default connection properties are a template that is applied when creating new connections. You can set both property values and inheritance settings that will be set in new connections.


Currently, default connection properties are saved within the user settings of mRemoteNG and not with the connection file. Sharing a connection file between multiple machines will not share default connection properties.

How it is used

New Folders/Connections

When a new folder or connection is created, all default properties and default inheritance are applied to it.


Changing default properties does not affect existing connections. The default values are only applied when the connection is first created.

Quick Connections

Default connection properties are also used when establishing quick connections. See Quick Connect for more details.

How to set them

You can set default properties and inheritance by going to the Connection Tree and clicking the appropriate button for the default settings you would like to change.

  • Red - Default connection properties
  • Green - Default connection inheritance