Quick Connect

The Quick Connect functionality of mRemoteNG allows you to quickly connect to a remote host using a variety of network protocols.


  • Knowledge of a DNS host name or IP address
  • Knowledge of an appropriate protocol to communicate with remote host
  • A predefined mRemoteNG connection

Using QuickConnect


You can input username and hostname simultaneously when using user@domain as connection string.

To use Quick Connect, ensure the Quick Connect toolbar is enabled by selecting View and then Quick Connect Toolbar. Next, input a DNS host name or IP address into the box labeled “Connect”. This box will also save previous entries during your session.


Select the appropriate network protocol by clicking the arrow next to the Connect box.


If you wish to use an existing connection, select the globe icon next to the protocol button and select the appropriate connection.


Quick connections take most of their configuration from the Default Connection Properties. All default properties are used except for:

  • Hostname
  • Protocol
  • Port (the default port for the selected protocol is used)