Downloads are provided in three different packages, binary package, portable package and source package. They are described further down this page.

Binary package

The binary package of mRemoteNG is a compiled version of mRemoteNG which comes in an MSI installer. This is the most common way to install mRemoteNG and get up and running. For more custom and advanced installs of mRemoteNG then continue reading further down this page.

On the mRemoteNG main website download page choose (MSI) from the downloads to get the binary package.

Portable package

The portable package consists of the same files as the binary package but contains a modified version of the executable which stores and loads all your settings from files in the application’s directory. This package can be used to run mRemoteNG from a USB stick and preserve your configuration wherever you go.

On the mRemoteNG main website download page choose (ZIP) from the downloads to get the portable package.

Source package

This package is a package provided to be launched within Visual Studio. The only way to launch mRemoteNG using this package is by compiling it from inside Visual Studio.

Command line install

There is also the possibility to install mRemoteNG through command line with the binary package.

For example:

msiexec /i C:\Path\To\mRemoteNG-Installer.exe PROPERTY1=value PROPERTY2=value

To explain the properties that can be set during install we will go into details of them below.

Extend Installer Properties

The following extended properties can be provided to the installer when running it from the command line.

Property Accepted Values Description
INSTALLDIR Any valid folder path
This allows you to set the installation directory
from the command line. For paths that contain
spaces, enclose the path in double quotes (“”).
This overrides any value found in the registry.
Introduced in v1.75 beta 2.
When the IGNOREPREREQUISITES property is set
to 1, the installer will not be halted if any
prerequisite check is not met. You must still run
the installer as Admin - this flag will not remove
that requirement. Introduced in v1.74.


Install to a custom folder

msiexec /i C:\Path\To\mRemoteNG-Installer.msi INSTALLDIR="D:\Work Apps\mRemoteNG"

Ignore prerequisites during a normal install

msiexec /i C:\Path\To\mRemoteNG-Installer.msi IGNOREPREREQUISITES=1

Ignore prerequisites during a silent install

msiexec /i C:\Path\To\mRemoteNG-Installer.msi /qn IGNOREPREREQUISITES=1

Troubleshooting installation

If you find the installer is not working as expected, there are several things you can do to troubleshoot.

  • Turn on verbose logging by using the /lv* <log path> argument at the command line.

    msiexec /i C:\Path\To\mRemoteNG-Installer.msi /l*v C:\mremoteng_install.log