Release Channels


We currently do not offer a nightly build channel. To get the absolute bleeding-edge updates, you will need to build mRemoteNG from source. Instructions on setting up your development environment can be found here:


The Stable channel includes only officially released versions of mRemoteNG. This channel receives updates much less often than the others, but has the least chance for bugs.

These releases will be marked as a normal release on GitHub and may use terms like Final or Stable in the release.

This is the recommended and default channel for all users.


The Beta channel includes pre-release versions in addition to what the Stable channel offers. This includes any version marked as beta or rc (release candidate). This channel is meant to give users an advanced look at features and fixes that are done but not fully tested, yet.

While these versions are generally stable, there is still a higher chance of encountering bugs. Beta channel users are highly encouraged to enter bug reports for any issues that arise during their use of the program.

Use this channel if you can accept a higher rate of bugs and would like early access to releases.


The Development channel includes the pre-release alpha versions in addition to what the Beta and Stable channels offer. At this level, you will receive every version of the program that we publish on GitHub.

This channel is meant for users that would like to help us test and develop the program. While we try to ensure that no serious bugs get out even in these early versions, we cannot make any guarantees to the stability of the application. Users of this channel are highly encouraged to enter bug reports and provide feedback to how development is progressing.

Use this channel only if you can accept potentially serious bugs and would like to help us test early versions of the program.